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Helping actor Ricky Tomlinson on
Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1

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Media work

Being able to explain complex issues simply and succinctly, she has been a popular on-screen presenter with the team at Who Do You Think You Are? which has led to further media work on UKTV and local radio. Now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, she is regularly in the UK for work and family visits.

If you are researching a book, article, TV series or radio programme, please contact Olivia Robinson for an initial chat about your requirements. You can find out more about her credentials on the About page or on her academic site.
Historical research and writing

Founder Dr. Olivia Robinson's academic specialism is the social history of urban Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly in relation to migrants, housing and women's experiences. Thanks to rigorous preparation at the University of Oxford, she has a systematic approach to research and is highly creative in finding little-known sources. As a published writer she undertakes private commissions for both family and local history research and publications, and is always delighted to discuss projects with new clients.
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