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Helping actress Rachel Griffiths on
Who Do You Think You Are? SBS Australia

Ancestories offers a family and local history research service to clients from all over the globe.

Founded by Dr. Olivia Robinson, we specialise in presenting rigorously researched genealogical findings in creative and engaging ways. We have access to major online archive holdings, twenty years’ experience in finding and tracing British and Irish families and have the academic history credentials to interpret findings in a meaningful way.

Many of our clients ask us to research histories to give as
gifts to family and friends. We work closely within their budgets to produce something unique and personal, and offer tips and ideas for further research.

We offer genealogical and historical research services to
print and screen media and also work with private and cultural heritage clients on longer, more detailed research projects involving research and writing.

However you’d like to learn more about family, local or social history, we would be delighted to adapt our services to whatever you have in mind for your own project.

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Olivia helping Rachel Griffiths on Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS/Warner Bros)

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Ancestories is a family and local history research service based in the UK and Denmark
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