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Helping actor Warwick Davis on
Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1

Olivia Robinson BA, MSc MPhil (Oxon)

I have extensive research experience both through postgraduate studies and in a professional context. I hold an MSc in English Local History from the University of Oxford and am currently a DPhil candidate at Oxford's History Faculty, researching foreign domestic servants in Victorian Britain. I also work as a researcher for heralds at the
College of Arms and carry out genealogical research on their behalf. I have researched family histories for the UK and Australian television series Who Do You Think You Are? and appeared in several episodes as an expert contributor.

Oxford Genealogy was born in 2009 when I went freelance and was able to invest the time in other people's projects. This has gone from strength to strength and now includes providing advice on genetic genealogy and all the possibilities presented by DNA testing. In 2014
Oxford Genealogy was renamed Ancestories to reflect the emphasis of local and social history upon my work. The same rigorous genealogical research methods are still applied with the added benefit of contextual historical knowledge gained from an academic perspective.

My family

My interest in genealogy started when I realised there were very few people with the surname Periton, the married name of my beloved grandmother. I have now broadened my search beyond this name, but it still remains the anchor of my own family’s genealogical research with still so much more to discover and unravel.

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Names that feature in my own family tree

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