Have you ever wondered what your ancestors did for a living? Were they ever in trouble with the law? Where did they come from originally? Why did they call their children the names they did? What did they look like?
With remarkably little information we can trace a lot more about your family's history that you might imagine. Some of our commissioned genealogical research is outlined below with the permission of our clients. Contact us today to start discovering your own past!

Six generations of hatters feature in
Daniel Stewart's tree, who came from all four home countries: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Many worked in Stockport's booming trade of fur felt hat making; others worked on the new railways or in the foundries of the area.

A much longer project has been the tracing of a
Jewish family back to their shtetl in present-day Ukraine. Ships' lists, Hebrew documents, Holocaust testimonials and an unclaimed legacy were just some of the documents used.

Martyn Day and his immediate family are all born in Wales. Research on both sides, however, revealed his roots lay over the border in England, and even further afield in France. His past unfolds against a backdrop of failing agriculture, migration and the rise of the coal industry.

Crozier family are Northern Irish, and despite limited resources, we managed to build a beautiful story for her to present to her father. Irish records can seem elusive at first, but Diane's family were delighted at how much information we gathered for them.

Houlbrook family have their roots in Yorkshire, or West Riding as it was once known. The stalwart of the history of the English countryside, the Houlbrooks were agricultural labourers for centuries, based in and around Mexborough.

Every branch of Michelle Lawson's family came from Yorkshire! It's quite difficult to find someone with so many roots concentrated in one place, but farming and the abundance of work there meant they weren't forced away.

The South African
Salmon family was thought to have Jewish roots, but instead we traced them back to solid farming stock in Sussex (via London and Cape Town).
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